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What is Water Marbling

Since the 12th-century paper marbling has been an artistic and cultural practice throughout Central and East Asia. By treating a tray of water with a special medium, you can thicken the surface just enough to use lightweight acrylic paints or inks to dip and swirl otherworldly patterns directly onto the water’s surface.

This mesmerizing practice is as fun to watch as it is to do. After making your marbling pattern, you can simply dip your chosen substrate and pull it away to reveal your one-of-a-kind design.

A person lifts a paper off of a water marbling bath to revel a blue heart design.
A person lifts up a piece of paper to reveal a yellow and green pattern of thin lines.

One of the fascinating things about water marbling is no two designs will be alike. Since water marbling is a mono-printing process each print you make will be entirely one-of-a-kind. The surprise and unique quality of each design adds to the mystique of this ancient art form.

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